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About Membrane Switches

Membrane switches are used in many different applications.  They are rugged, reliable, and used by just about everyone, every day.  Most people don't even realize how often they use membrane switches.

Some of the most familiar applications include microwave ovens, telephones, kitchen appliances, computer keyboards, organizers, thermostats, bank ATM's (automated teller machines),  gasoline pump keypads, and many more.

A membrane switch is a very thin low voltage switching device that continues to replace the older mechanical push button type of switch.

These membrane switches and keypads are increasingly found in many diverse applications, both indoors and out. These include machines, control panels, and electronic devices in areas such as: 

Automotive, industrial, medical, test equipment, appliances, gaming, banking, computers, printers, toys, point of sale equipment, public information panels, aviation, boating and others.

Membrane switches have many superior advantages: 

bulletLower cost
bulletThin and very compact
bulletMoisture and dirt resistance
bulletAttractive designs and colors
bulletUser friendly interface
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